The EA School Online circumvents SIX MAJOR PITFALLS you are likey to encounter when purchasing an Online EA Course. They are:


YOU ARE NOT LIKELY TO LEARN EA just by watching videos. EA chart interpretation is a skill which needs to be mastered over a certain period of time and number of classes and under the watchful eye of your teacher.

Quite a few EA Online Courses have plenty of input material: videos, webinars, pre-recorded masterclasses, you name it. What they tend not to have (or not have enough of) is PRACTICE TIME WITH THE TEACHER.

Any EA Course that does not follow the following format is LIKELY NOT TO TEACH YOU THE SKILLS YOU NEED:

Online videos, written text, tests, assignmentsclass time spent with the teacher practising EA chart interpretationstudent produces EA chart interpretation independently


If class time with the teacher is offered, then in the vast majority of cases you need to take those classes within a fixed period set by the teacher or school.

This does not allow you, the student, to set your own study pace. That negatively affects student motivation, leading to high drop-out levels.

If a course needs to be taken between, say, January and September, and you fork out a substantial amount of money to purchase it, then what happens if you change jobs in those months, move house, or fall ill? What happens is: course gone, no refund, nothing learned.


If educational material is offered online (usually in the form of videos), there is no Online testing of knowledge (Not skills – which are developed in class – but knowledge!).

Knowledge acquired during videos watched needs to be tested, so that you, the student, can test your conclusions and assumptions and bring your questions to class.

In other words: there needs to be AN INTERMEDIARY STEP between working alone Online and practising EA chart interpretation in class with your teacher and fellow students.


There is no Online Learning Management System in place that tracks your Online progress.

The teacher should be able to monitor the student´s Online progress from the wings. He needs an Online Management System that keeps track of the student´s Online activity, of how long it takes them to get through a chapter or lesson, of the number of times they take a Comprehension test, of the score they get in each attempt, what questions they find difficult, etc., so that the teacher can intervene before you get stuck, instead of three weeks or two months after.


The use of outmoded video players that lack two key features essential to enhancing the student´s learning experience:

  • Auto-resume function: video player remembers where you left off in your last session and resumes there when you return to the video a few days later (saving you, the student, study time).
  • Navigation Menu: an index of points discussed in the video showing the exact minute/second it starts, allowing the student to jump back and forth to sections they wish to watch again (result: you don´t have to go and look for these, wasting precious study time)


There is no, or little, written material available which covers the basic steps to follow in EA chart interpretation.

Many learners, because of their preferred learning style, need some form of written material if the methodology taught is to really sink in.

If this material is available, it tends to describe the steps rather than show them. What students need is written and fully worked-out EA chart analyses to accompany their Online studies and classes with the teacher.



Per module students are entitled to a whopping 15 hours of Zoom group Class with the teacher, allowing them to PRACTICE with their teacher what they have learned Online. Evolutionary astrology, in addition to knowledge, is about SKILLS. Acquiring skills needs practice, heaps of it.

In addition, students can, if they so wish, book private classes with the teacher. Zoom Group Classes are Module-pitched and offered bi-weekly (Module 1) and every three weeks (Modules 2 to 4) all year round, in alternating morning, afternoon and evening slots (so that students from all over the globe can attend: CET evening classes will be ideal for US students, morning ones for students from New Zealand or Australia).

You can distribute your 15 hours of Zoom group Class through the year as they wish. In fact, there is no year as such, because when a new calendar year starts, another cycle of all-year-round classes is initiated. Classes are, in other words, continuous: wherever you are in the year, there is always one a mere two weeks away.

When you have done all three modules, you will have a staggering 45 hours of class time (spent with your teacher) under your belt, allowing you to feel confident in your exam preparation and in setting up shop as a practising evolutionary astrologer.


Since classes are offered they way they are, there is no fixed period during which you need to take your classes. You can disappear for three months, step right back in and pick up where you left off. Your teacher is there for you, all year round. With you, the student, being able to set your own study pace, motivation levels stay consistently high, resulting in low drop-out rates.


Knowledge acquired Online is constantly tested in Comprehension tests. Each lesson has one, allowing you to pause and reflect on what you have just watched and prepare any questions that might have arisen as a result of that reflection. You then bring those to class, where they are discussed in a group setting, so that fellow students too may learn from them. In addition to thre lesson Comprehension tests, you will self-evalution tools in the form of Online Assignments at regular intervals throughout each of the school’s three modules. (Tese are full chart analyses that you can prepare yourself and then check Online)


The EA School Online uses a state-of-the-art Learning Management System, allowing the teacher to track each individual student´s progress. With such detailed feedback on their progress, the teacher knows exactly what points to focus on in class.


The Ea School Online has invested heavily in a high-end video player which has these two key features (i.e. Auto-Resume and Time/Subject Indexed Navigation Menu) and many more included (resolution menu, allowing the student to watch the video at 360, 720, or 1080 resolution; speed menu, allowing the student to watch the video at half or double the speed; mobile viewing optimization etc.) All of the school´s 69 videos (each with an average length of 20 minutes) are fully subject and time indexed, allowing you to quickly navigate to points you wish to watch again.


The EA School Online to date has published four books (All available on Amazon) which offer the student written material to accompany their Online studies and their classes with the teacher:

  • Intercepted Signs: Encoded Messages from the Soul
  • Chiron: Trauma Key
  • Same Soul, Volume 1: the Astrology of Sequential Reincarnation
  • Same Soul, Volume 2: the Astrology of Sequential Reincarnation

… featuring a total of 23 EA chart analysis: David Bowie, Carl Jung, Nannerl Mozart, Alice Bailey, Anne Frank, Barbro Karlén, Greta Garbo (Intercepted Signs: Encoded Messages from the Soul), … and Richard Nixon, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Lindbergh, Nina Simone, Jim Jones, Josef Mengele (Chiron: Trauma Key), John Lennon, Helen Keller, Edgar A. Poe, Paul Gauguin (Same Soul, Vol.1); James Leininger, Christian Haupt, Paul Amirault, Robert L. Snow, Jeffrey J. Keene, Stéphane Allix (Same Soul, Vol. 2) Whatever is learned Online and in class, can be looked up in books.

Furthermore, in the backend of the Online Comprehension Tests, students will find detailed explanations of key EA concepts. These explanations are actually a full EA Manual consisting of hundreds of pages of clarifications.