Terms & Conditions

By purchasing one or more modules via this website the student declares having read the school´s Privacy Statement and Terms & Conditions.

  • Refunds, whether entire or partial, of modules purchased through this website is not possible under any circumstance. The reason for this is the student’s 24/7 access to the Online material pertinent to the module purchased: in theory they could work through the material in 2 weeks and then solicit a refund. To avoid that from happening refunds are not possible. Prospective student are offered free trial periods so that they can decide whether the method would agree with them or not. Once purchased, however, the amount paid for a module is not refundable.   
  • When purchasing a module via a Payment Plan, the student is entitled to 3 hours of class per 5-month installment period only, and 1.5 hours of class per 10-month installment period. Installments either are in 5 or in 10 months (counting from the date of purchase) for all Payment Plans. When all 5 or 10 installments have been paid, the student who has purchased via a Payment Plan is free again to distribute their Zoom Classes as they wish. Students who have purchased a package that includes any number of private class can only make use of their private classes when all 5 or 10 monthly installments have been paid (that is, after a period of 5 or 10 months at the earliest) 
  • Payment Plans can only be used for one Module at a time. If you want to purchase two Modules at the same time, you will need to make a single payment for one of them.
  • All Payment Plans are subject to a 15$ sign-up fee to cover administrative costs incurred. This fee is added to your first installment the day you purchase the module of your choice.
  • Students who purchase a Module with extra private classes via a Single Payment, can schedule these classes at any point of their studies.  
  • The Zoom Classes offered by the school form an integral part of its curriculum. A student´s decision to not partake in them does not entitle him/her to a refund, whether entire or partial.
  • The EA School Online’s Zoom lesson obligations are module-bound and do not extend beyond the number of hours specified for a module purchased. Students may wish to purchase package 2 (3 hours of extra private class), package 3 (4.5 hours of extra private class) or package 3 (6 hours of private class). All four packages of a given module can be purchased both via a Single Payment and via a Payment Plan Option.
  • Students purchase separate modules, not an entire training. This means the EA School Online is under no obligation to offer a full curriculum until such time as it has been completed.
  • By purchasing one or more modules through this website, the student pledges full confidentiality with regards to any and all personal data (names, time of birth, chart or chart particulars) shared by fellow students during Zoom classes. Dissemination of
    such data to third parties will be met with legal action.
  • The EA School Online’s  video lessons are electronically encrypted in such a way as to prevent illegal copying. The student’s email and IP address will show on their screen when video lessons are played. This does not constitute a breach of General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) since the school does not have access to or knowledge of the student´s IP address.  The software used for this watermark is built in such a way as to only show it when the student plays the video on their home
    computer, tablet or phone.  

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