Zoom is known for its outstanding quality in sound and image. To make the most of that quality I suggest you buy a good web camera. I´ve tested several and the one that came out on top in terms of price/quality ratio was the Logitech C920.

The Logitech C920 retails at around $70 and is Plug & Play. You stick it in a USB port and you´re ready to roll. If you are using a Mac you don´t need one (the Logitech C920 is not Mac compatbible) since most Macs come with an in-built iSight camera.

This is the Logitech C920

Creating a free Zoom account

To get into the Zoom Virtual Classroom and attend class you will need to create a (free) Zoom account. Nothing could be easier. Just use this link below and follow the instructions.

Test call

Prior to your first class I will contact you to make an appointment for a test call. During that 10-minute call we check your audio & video settings so that you´re all set for your first class. I also show you around the Virtual Classroom so that you become familiar with its many possibilities.

Internet connection

A good internet connection is important if you don´t want unpleasant disturbances during your class time. If your Internet signal is unstable, try using one of these wifi extenders.