To give you an idea of the total cost of certifying either as evolutionary astrologer (Exam 1) or as therapeutic evolutionary astrologer (Exam 2), here is a breakdown of modules & prices.
  1. Exam 1: Certification as Evolutionary Astrologer
  • Module 1                    375$ (Basic Package, 15 hrs. of group Zoom class)
  • Module 2                    475$ (Basic Package, 15 hrs. of group Zoom class)
  • Module 3                    475$ (Basic Package, 15 hrs. of group Zoom class)
  • Certification Exam     225$
        Total Cost:                 1,550$
Includes: a total of 45 hours of group Zoom class, 40 hours of Online Video Instruction, 80 Online Comprehension tests, Online Homework Assignments in preparation for Zoom Classes.
  1. Exam: 2: Certification as Therapeutic Evolutionary Astrologer
  • Module 4                    975$
  • Certification Exam     425$
        Total Cost:                 1,400$
Includes: Zoom classes only (offered every three weeks all year round). Small groups. One-to-one help with exam preparation. Since developing therapeutic skills to be used in astrological consultations requires a customized approach, there is no Online material for this final module.
Modules can be bought separately. For either exam however, all modules pertinent to it need to have been done. Exam 2 cannot be taken without successfully having passed Exam 1.
All Modules come with the possibility of purchasing 3 hours, 4.5 hours or 6 hours of additional private class with me.
Do take into account that group Zoom classes are offered bi-weekly all year round in morning, afternoon and evening slots (to accommodate for time differences between countries), so that YOU ARE IN FULL CONTROL OF YOUR OWN STUDY PACE.
You can take 2 months to get through a module or 2 years. It does not matter. You have access to both the Online material and the Zoom classes for as long as it takes you to get through a Module.
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