Module 1: Basic Principles & Evolutionary Axis

Course Overview
In this first Module the groundwork is laid for EA Chart Interpretation. The philosophical and metaphysical principles that underpin the Method are explored and you are taught how to set up what is the backbone of EA Chart Interpetation, i.e. the Evolutionary Axis.


There is a total of five Chapters and twenty-seven Lessons in this first Module. Fifteen hours of Zoom class are offered to allow you to ask questions and practice with the teacher and fellow students in a class setting.
These classes are scheduled all year through and are level-pitched, meaning only students enrolled in the same Module as you are allowed acces to them. That way we avoid more advanced students enrolled in later modules asking questions about content which has not been explained yet.

Course Information


Course Instructor

Michael Michael Author

I'm a regression therapist and evolutionary astrologer. I combine both in my therapeutic work with clients. I also run the School for Therapeutic Evolutionary Astrology Netherlands, STHEAN which is accredited by the Dutch Board of Professional Astrologers (A.V.N.) and has been growing steadily ever since its inception in 2014.

Module 1


Chapter 1: Basic Principles

Chapter 2: Setting up the Evolutionary Axis

Chapter 3: Practicing the Evolutionary Axis

Chapter 4: Skipped Steps

Chapter 5: Uranus as Trauma Indicator