Module 5: EA Synastry & Composite

In this Module you will learn how to set up a synastry and composite chart analysis based on evolutionary astrology principles.

The EA School Online’s Synastry & Composite Course offers:

Case studies of famous couples (siblings, friends, lovers) whose story has been in the news so that the context of the case study is clear to students. (Woody Allen & Mia Farrow / Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell)

The training follows a clear, step-by-step approach so that conclusions drawn are borne out by actual biographical fact.

The steps taken are:

1. Evolutionary Axis + Planetary Function + House Rulership Person A.

2. Idem for Person B.

3. The Composite chart [Always before the synastry. If you do it the other way round, you will not know why these two people are in a relationship and therefore you will not grasp the effect one has been having on the other (Synastry) ]

4. Synastry chart A: How has person A been affecting Person B, and, How has this been affecting not only Person B’s soul evolution (Their PPP) but also How has it been affecting where the relationship itself is intent on evolving toward? (The Composite PPP)

5. Idem for Person B.

From this analysis a full picture will emerge of why these two souls are (have been) in a relationship and what issue(s) they are (have been) working through by being in that relationship.

There are no Zoom classes for this Module. It is a self-study course. The online materials consist of flipbook presentations (The course has 35 of them. Total number of slides: 1.172) which detail, show, and explain every step you need to take to be able to set up a full EA Synastry & Composite Chart Analysis.

Each of the 17 lessons in this module has:

  • a Comprehension Test (A self-evaluation tool you can use to check your understanding of what was shown and explained in the Allen-Farrow lesson)
  • A Jeffrey Epstein – Ghislaine Maxwell Assignment in which you will be asked to perform the same task shown and explained in the lesson. When you have performed the task, you will be able to check your answers by going through an Assignment Flipbook Presentation provided for the task. This way, as you progress through the chapters and lessons, you will be building a full Epstein -Maxwell Synastry / Composite Chart Analysis (And feel that you are doing so under the watchful eye of the teacher).

If you wish to further practice your Synastry & Composite chart skills with me, you can do so by booking an individual class with me. To do so, go to the Main Menu at the top of the page and go to the tab Booking an Extra Class.

Recommended literature.

Woody Allen – Mia Farrow Case Study:

  1. Groteke, Kristi – Mia & Woody (Available on Amazon)
  2. Farrow, Mia – What Falls Away (Available on Amazon)
  3. McGilligan, Patrick – Woody Allen: A Travesty of a Mockery of a Sham (Available on Amazon)

Jeffrey Epstein – Ghislaine Maxwell Case Study :

  1. Levine, Barry – The Spider: Inside the Criminal Web of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell (Available on Amazon)
  2. Edwards, Bradley J. – Relentless Pursuit: My Fight for the Victims of Jeffrey Epstein (Available on Amazon)
  3. Sweeney, John – Hunting Ghislaine (Available on Amazon)

Course Instructor

Michael De Baker Michael De Baker Author

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