Zoom Group Classes are offered biweekly all-year-round in morning, afternoon and evening slots (see below: table #1). Whether you opted for the Basic Package or for one that comes with additional private classes, you are always entitled to 15 hours of Zoom group class per module. Dates & times mentioned on this page exclusively refer to Zoom Group Classes. If you purchased additional private classes, then you will need to contact me to so that we can fix a date & time for them.

You can use this link to convert CET times to your local time (I am in Spain, so I’ve put Madrid in there for you)


On any day of (Zoom Group) class, you can decide to attend only part 1 of the class, only part 2, or the full 3 hours. As you can see in the table below (table #2), a class which one week is offered in the morning, two weeks later is offered in the afternoon, and two weeks after that in the evening. Alternating time slots are used to accomodate for time differences around the globe. By offering classes this way, you are not only able to set your own study pace (very important to keep motivational levels high), you also know there is always a class for you somewhere and that it is probably only weeks away.

You do not need to sign up for a class. Ten minutes prior to the commencement of class (see timetable below) you will receive a Zoom link via e-mail. You click on it and that will take you straight to the school’s Virtual Classroom where I will be waiting for you.

Legend: Mod 1 – Jan – 7E = Module 1 Class scheduled for Sunday 7 January in the evening (5:30 PM, CET).