To date I have published three books on evolutionary astrology. They are:


In this book, using the charts of David Bowie, Carl Jung, Nannerl Mozart (Mozart’s elder sister), Alice Bailey, Anne Frank, Barbro Karlén (the reincarantion of Anne Frank) and Gretea Garbo, I show you how the intercepted and accompanying duplicated signs in a chart are related to the issues the soul has been exploring on the one hand and to where it wishes to evolve toward on the other, having created a vehicle (i.e. the person) to do so.


In this book we accompany Chiron as it ventures far out into the Uranian realm to pick a trauma package there. In it, memories of past-life traumatic events lie stored. It is these memories which Chiron on its long way back to Saturn translates as pain and delivers at its doorstep. Using the charts of Abraham Lincoln, Charles Lindbergh (the incarnation of Lincoln), Richard Nixon, Nina Simone, Josef Mengele, Jim Jones, Anne Frank and Barbro Karlén (the reincarnation of Anne Frank), along the way I show you how to use the planetary nodes in individual chart analysis.

In this, my third book, I use the lens of evolutionary astrology to show you who John Lennon and Helen Keller were in a past life, and who Paul Gauguin and Edgar A. Poe would be in the next. Along the way I lay out a fully worked-out EA methodology based on biographical fact pertaining to both lives discussed. The observable and observed lives as they were actually lived will show you what skipped steps are and what they are not, why the soul places the planets where they are in the chart, and many things more. If you do not have the chart of your past-life alter ego at hand, this book is the closest thing to witnessing how the soul creates lives like beads on a string to learn its lessons and so evolve.

All three books are available on Amazon.