My name is Michael De Baker. I am a licensed regression therapist and evolutionary astrologer from Holland, where I hold a private psychotherapy practice. Trained by evolutionary astrologer Mark Jones and regression therapist Andy Tomlinson, I combine the two disciplines in my work with clients. I regularly lecture and give workshops in Holland where I run the School for Therapeutic Evolutionary Astrology Netherlands, STHEAN accredited by the Professional Board of Astrologers Netherlands (Astrologische Vakvereniging Nederland)

Originally trained as a musician, in my mid-twenties I went on to study educational sciences at the university of Utrecht. The insights gained there stood me in good stead in my work as a music teacher. In 1993 I decided I wanted to delve deeper into flamenco music and, after several prolonged visits to Spain, found myself living there. For twenty years I earned my livelihood teaching English to students of all ages, initially in private academies and later In-Company as a self-employed teacher. In my spare time I studied astrology, working my way through book after book.

After completing my training as a regression therapist, I went looking for an astrology that could shed light on the life of the soul. Searching the Internet I stumbled upon the school of Jeffrey Green and decided to enroll. Although I was happy with what I learned there, there was something gnawing: I felt I needed the skills to apply my recently-gained insights therapeutically. And up came the name of Mark Jones. In 2011 I graduated from his Pluto School and shortly afterwards started teaching EA in the Netherlands.


As more and more students signed on, I felt the time had come to found a school. That is how the School for Therapeutic Evolutionary Astrology Netherlands (STHEAN) came to be. It has been going for a good three years now and I think it is fair to say EA has caught on in Holland well and proper. Numbers are up each year and students are amazed at the depth EA has rendered to their astrological counselling.

It is the consistently positive feedback I have been getting from students that has spurred me on to make the school’s curriculum available in English so that students across the globe can have access to it. The Dutch school has its own Online Program, which you can view at

My first book Intercepted Signs: Encoded Messages from the Soul is coming out in 2018. I will keep all students posted on the release date and where the book can be ordered. Do also check this website and the Facebook pages.

For information about workshops, lectures, private readings and psychotherapeutic counselling (either in Dutch, English or Spanish), please email