The approach used in this EA Online School:

How and why it works

The approach opted for by the School for Therapeutic Evolutionary Astrology Netherlands (STHEAN) in its Online program is a form of Blended Learning.

Although a strict definition of Blended Learning would require it to combine digital media with traditional classroom methods, with students attending “brick-and-mortar” schools where a teacher is present in person, STHEAN’s choice for an increased number of all-year-round level-pitched Live Webinars – upon the completion of four, and in some cases even three or two lessons – effectively constitutes a combination of Face-to-Face instruction with Online Learning.

But that’s not all. Incorporated into the Online Program is a highly advanced Learning Management System allowing me, the teacher, to better interact with you as you make your way through Modules, Chapters & Lessons. This Learning Management System focuses on restoring human interaction to online learning, something that is conspicuously absent from most online courses today.

You watching my videos is simply not good enough. As a teacher of evolutionary astrology I seek to acknowledge your progress and interact with you as you go from Lesson to Lesson. Why? Because I know you are sitting alone at your computer. Undisturbed yes, but also without being able to ask questions or share doubts with fellow students when you feel stuck or are afraid you might get stuck.

Online students typically give up when they see this coming. Not when it actually happens, but way before that. It is a very private moment. One that you can be in denial of long after it happened. Why? Because you paid good money, put in a lot of effort yet somehow were unable to see things through. And it happened in solitude. To prevent this from happening, the all-year-round level-pitched Live Webinars  were created. But more importantly, I chose a Learning Management System that would check all of my boxes as an Online Educator.

Here they are:

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS The MY COURSES | LOG IN page shows you the courses you’ve enrolled in, with a visual indicator of your progress through each one. Return at any time and pick up right where you left off.

QUIZZES Do quizzes upon completion of each Lesson and, if you don’t get a 100% pass, allow yourself to be sent back by the Learning Management System to the pertinent section where you can find the information you need to get the question(s) right. Quizzes can be multiple choice questions, true-false questions, open questions, fill-in-the-blank type questions, short answer, long answer, upload, scale, picture choice,  manual grading for increased personalization and feedback loops, and even specially tailor-made videos. 

ASSIGNMENTS Now that I’ve tested your knowledge, gauged your comprehension and checked whether you got the core ideas so that we are developing a common language that we can build on top of as a team, I need to see whether you can actually put all that you’ve learned into practice. Assignments are about doing. They are PRACTICE

EARN BADGES AND CERTIFICATES No more watching videos in a vacuum! Now you’ll earn badges and certificates for completing Modules, Chapters and Lessons. Sounds childish? Wait till you get them. Print and share these on your personalized timeline to verify that you’ve completed your training. Or just enjoy the rewards as an acknowledgment of your progress.

 PRIVATE AREAS where I, as your teacher, can create personalized content for you, the student, and engage in personalized communication with you by

> publishing tailor-made content

> having a private discussion with you

> passing information back and forth

> publishing private call details and replays

> publishing a custom action plan for you.

Why send you away to Forums, Facebook groups or your private email inbox to deliver private content and conversations when I can engage with you in your own Private Area on your platform? This Learning Management System allows for just that, so that you don’t get sucked into the black hole of Social Media.

CLEARLY DEFINED COURSES I have organized the entire STHEAN Curriculum into individual Modules, Chapters and Lessons, making it easier to find the specific content you need. (to see the contents of the Curriculum, just click on Available Courses in the Menu at the top of the page and then on the Module of your choice. (1, 2 or 3) A full Lesson Overview for that Module will open up)

ON-SITE SOCIAL LEARNING PLATFORM This platform allows students to learn together and have social media style conversations. IT ENDS THE ISOLATION  “GHOST TOWN ”  STUDENT EXPERIENCE  that haunts many traditional online education programs and causes so many students to churn out of them .

The BENEFITS for you are:

* On-site Facebook-like timelines so that you can communicate with your fellow-students and with the teacher as a community, this, of course, in addition to the highly interactive all-year-round level-pitched Live Webinars.

There are different “filtered” views of your timeline.

> On your profile, you can see a feed of activity related to you specifically.

> There is a global timeline where you can see activity on anything you are associated with.

> Each course has its own timeline.

> Each membership has its own timeline.

> Students can communicate with each other directly on each other’s timeline.

* Learning Milestones (like Course enrollment, Membership enrollment, Achievement earned, Section completed, Quiz passed) that can be posted to your timeline automatically for increased camaraderie and conversation. This allows for an open loop where students can engage with peers advancing through the same courses or memberships. 

* Advanced user profiles so that you can personalize your home on the Learning Platform. You will be able to add your custom bio, website, social media links, and update your graphic banner or cover image to represent your style. You can also explore the User Profile of other students enrolled, get into contact with them etc. Once you’re logged in, click on Timeline and Student Directory in the menu to get a feel for what this looks like.

As you can see, a strong sense of community among students is created this way. Why? Because educators know that social elements are very much part of the learning process. 

With this tested approach I am levelling up my commitment to my Online Students of EA. If there is one foundational piece that makes the difference between success and failure, between a small ripple and a big ripple in terms of impact, it is RESULTS.

I cradle your results and have done everything to provide the one piece that will ensure it and that is PRACTICE. As a teacher, I  simply must test if the knowledge was received by you effectively and if you have learned to apply it. For there to be OUTPUT there must not only be INPUT. You als need PRACTICE.


So the magic formula is:



That’s what this EA Online School is all about.