Digital Learning Environment

School for Therapeutic Evolutionary Astrology Netherlands, STHEAN

Evolutionary Astrology is on the rise. Not just in the Netherlands but worldwide. To meet the growing demand for quality EA teaching, the School for Therapeutic Evolutionary Astrology Netherlands has made its curriculum available online via this Digital Learning Environment.
For the student the advantages of an Online Course are many. You can study at times that best suit you instead of having to follow a class timetable set by the school. Those times will usually be when YOU consider yourself to be in optimum study mode: when you are well-rested, when it is quiet in the house and you know you won't be disturbed, or simply because you feel like dedicating some time to EA. Also, you can set your own study pace. And finally, you can study from wherever you wish.
There are disadvantages to an Online Course too however. One of the biggest drawbacks is the fact that you feel you are rendered to your lot and not in any way connected to the teacher or your fellow students.
  To overcome this, the School for Therapeutic Evolutionary Astrology Netherlands has done two things. Firstly, it has interspersed Lessons with level-pitched Live Webinars where you, your fellow students and the teacher together go through questions and practice charts. And secondly, incorporated into the Lessons is a Learning Management System which tracks your progress and detects when you don't seem to get through a particluar Module or Lesson. Your progress therefore is being monitered and there is ample opportunity for Live Classroom Work.
  Welcome to the site. Have a look round and let me know if you have any questions. I'll be more than happy to answer them.

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